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Peppie Pig Jumper 2


Peppie Pig Jumper 2, the Peppie Pig bounce from platform to platform, grabbing every coin and power up on his way up.Jump, Jump and Jumper as high as you can. If youre lucky you might also get one or two rocket rides, or a super trampoline jump! Whatever you do, avoid touching the black bombs, theyre lethal.Just tilt left or right to move the Blob.Remember to share your scores!* One touch control* Safe game for kids, fun for toddlers* No hidden costs or in-app purchases* Small install, low storage game* No extra permissions needed* Beautiful colors and fireworks* Casual endless arcade game-play* Free jumping, endless
It is very simple, tilt the device to move left or right and avoid falling off the platforms until you get your own rating.
Peppie Pig Jump is a cute hog who is very clever. He plays a big part in all the piggy free games and in this action jumper app - Piggy Jump, the cute boar likes to see you very happy by jumping higher and higher. Lets hop the jumpy peppy jumper pig!
Disclaimer:This game has no relation to Peppa Pig games, or the cartoon.All is own creation, not infringe copyright because it is our property.